Omelette - GF, DF, V
Omelette - 2 eggs, sweet pepper, spinach, goat's cheese and sun dried tomatoes - Whisk up the eggs and tear up the spinach and sun dried tomatoes then pop them into a non stick frying pan on a medium heat and let set, mean while chop our peppers and goats cheese and toss them in after you've turned your omelette, then fold and wait until cheese is melty and you cant take the smell anymore! Voile, c'est fine!
Blueberry Smoothie - GF, DF, V
Blueberry Smoothie - a quick delicious breakfast or snack. Add protein powder if you want to add extra bang for your buck. Blend together 2 Bannanas, Spinach, Blueberries & Strawberries with some ice (or frozen berries). Blend until smooth and enjoy, add blueberries to decorate.

* Contains Nuts/Seeds
Jar 'o' Porridge - GF, DF, V
Jar 'o' Porridge - for the more pretentious among us, you will know this as 'overnight oats', but to the rest of us its a jar of porridge that you made last night and tastes pretty good this morning in the traffic on the way to work. This however is no normal porridge, oh no! This is Buckwheat flakes with almond, soya or cocoanut milk mixed with seeds, nuts, berries. 5 mins to make the night before and sealed tight for on the move women.

* Nuts/Seeds
Beetroot & Rocket Salad - GF, DF, V
Beetroot & Rocket Salad - Its exactly what it says on the tin folks - add a dressing of your choice, some spinach or mozarella if you can, even a few seeds to be fancy. Then sit down, put the phone away and enjoy! You can make a tasty vinegarette dressing by mixing olive oil and white wine vinegar to your liking and popping in a small bit of pesto while youre at it. Simple, cheap and transportable for easy eating. Team with a Herbal fruity tea to feel seriously healthy or loads of water.
Blueerry Pancakes - GF, DF, V
Blueberry Pancakes - Feel like being lazy? Hit Aldi or Lidl for Gluten free pancakes or make your own in a couple of minutes by mixing 2 cups of gluten free flour, 2 banannas, 1 cup of coconut milk and a pinch of salt. Then keep them for later, reheat them in microwave and drizzle honey or your favourite syrup over them followed by blueberries. Blend some frozen fruit in a quick blender and bring it with you and you've got yourself a very tasty, respectible and super quick breakie.

* Nuts/Seeds
Roast in the Foil Chicken - GF, DF
Roast in the Foil Chicken - You can either use a store bought "roast in the bag" seasoning mix and bag or a do it yourself style as follows; In a roasting tin, sit your chicken on a sheet of tin foil, over the chicken sprinkle any of your favorite seasonings and some olive oil to help it stick. Cook on a medium heat on the middle shelf for recommended time on chicken. For the last 10 minutes open your foil parcel so that the chicken browns. For less mess, you can pack in onions, peppers, carrots
Slow Cooked Spicy Stew - GF, DF, V
Slow Cooked Spicy Stew - First I pop in enough brown rice for the amount of people cooking for, then followed by the vegetable (everything thats in the fridge), followed by a tin of chickpeas, a tin of kidney beans and a tin of butter beans. After this i throw in any and all spices i want in it depending on my taste that day; love GymChef seasonings or mix up a batch of your own favourites. Then Poor in 500 -750 ml of water or stock and let cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours. Voile!
Energy Balls - GF, DF, V,
Energy Balls - Melt 2 bars of 125g 70% chocolate in a bowl; mix in a handfull of milled flax seed, sesame seeds, ground almonds and some 2 dessert spponfuls of coconut oil, shape into little round spheres and leave to set in the fridge. Home made energy balls ready to go and delicious to taste!

*Contains Nuts & Seeds
Dippy Egg & Spinach Throwdown
Dippy Eggs & Spinach Throwdown - Boil eggs, grab some rye bread and toast, then slice into soldiers. Pop some spinach with a drop of olive oil and some pepper on the side of your plate and you snack just became healthy comfort food!

* Contains Rye
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