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10 things I invested in for 2018!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

As January draws to a close and we have gotten the most of the January sales, it got me thinking consciously. So we all mull over decisions again and again before we go and fork out our hard earned cash for it! And even then we are not quite sure if we should have done it or not! These are 10 of the things I've invested in for 2018 that I would highly recommend.

1. - iPad - After having my beautiful camera and equipment stolen and my beloved iPhone 6 finally giving up the ghost, I decided my next step was to invest in an iPad so that I can keep on track with my Social Media and Blogging goals in 2018. It is also super handy if my laptop decides it doesn't feel like it today!

2. - Silvercrest Nutrition Mixer Pro - So I decided to invest in this for €40 in Lidl Ireland because the other mini blender I had I loaned to my Mom - and let's face it that is never to be seen again! So I invested in this, apart from the short plug in cord this mixer is spot on and even grinds nuts and seeds up so I can add them into smoothies or as toppings.

3. - Netflix - This may seem like an odd one but "me -time" is so important, however, I don't feel T.V. is a valuable use of time spent. Netflix on the other hand can be informative and enriching as well as watching movies for 3 hours will inevitably fulfill your relaxing needs whereas you can get lost in T.V. for 8 hours without realizing and getting nothing done.

4. - My Garden - So this year, along with other years, I decided to finally get a grip on my surroundings. It's one of the hardest things I have had to do and one of the most overwhelming things. However, I have been able to tailor it to my own personal taste and needs which is very exciting for 2018.

5. - My First Event - So this year, on March 4th, I will hold my first event called "Fab After 50"; it is a day long workshop with friendly experts guiding ladies 50 and over how to feel amazing and look even better in the funnest years of their lives. It was a scary step but I feel like it's now or never and it is something I am intently passionate about.

6. - Laser Hair Removal - So I got this done several years ago on my legs and underarms and noticed a huge difference and so decided to invest in it for smaller areas on my face and neck that bother me but will continue to grow because of my naturally dark hair. Therefore, I hit up and got a deal (wouldn't you know!) for laser treatment on 2 small areas; perfect for exactly what I want.

7. - A Thermos - This may be a very normal thing that most people have but I've never really had one and could always take my coffee around in reusable coffee mugs instead. However, working long hours or driving long journeys this baby kept my coffee ROASTING HOT for almost 6 hours! Just amazing!

8. - My business knowledge - This year I decided to invest in a networking group membership which was reasonably affordable and gave me access to make friends who are like minded and face similar struggles. we are more alike than we are different as two great ladies quote to me often. I have found great solidarity and support that helps me to keep going when I doubt my ability.

9. - My Interior Decor - I found that I was far from in love with my space and it was affecting me emotionally, physically and mentally so I took to clearing out the whole place of things I didn't use, want or need and donating them wherever they would be better used. I then thrifted and looked in sales and in pound stores for inexpensive items to cheer up my surroundings and help me love it again. It happened and although I'm not completely done at the time or writing this I'm hoping I will be by the time you're reading this! Check out my DIY feed or Instagram to see. :)

10. My Own Van - This is the biggest investment and one I haven't completed yet but it is the last one on the list. I have wanted to own a company vehicle for several years but could not justify 2 vehicles until I kept a diary and realized that most personal journeys I make are either on foot, bus or taxi! And this is when I realised a Diesel economical Business Van would be a great option. Plus the fact, I can wrap it in my Logo and Business info myself! :D

So there you have it, 10 things I invested in this year, I hope I've inspired you to think deeply about items before you buy them and only buy things that will bring value to your life. A lot of times, we dont NEED stuff we WANT it and these wants can make us suffer financially when we could be soaring!

Have a great Febuary, thank you so much for reading.

Please share if you think someone else might enjoy this piece.

Love Liz xxx

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