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10 Things that got my Goatiest of Goats This Year SO FAR!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I'm Like a Goat on The Edge!

So yeah... This is a RANT! Scroll on if you are not in the mood. This is a just a quick round up of stuff that has irritated me so much already this year that I feel the need to rant about it and see if anyone else can relate!

1. Switching Network Providers... Balls to that, do I need to say more? €200 disconnection fee, passing you through to customer retaining who try to convince you to stay. Let me go now so that I can save my money without cursing you out of it!

2. New Year: New You... Soz Babez I'm fabulous and I'm going to continue to be blooming awesome everyday this year too! I'm already New and Improved.

3. Notions... Now I am in full support of anyone who is living their truth and doing their own thing. However, when you stop being authentic or start belittling or bullying others... you my friend can get lost real fast. You are not unique... you're a copy cat. A grip needs to be took regardless of how many people follow you, when they realize you aren't for real, they'll be gone.

4. Rough Skin... Where does it come from? Where does it go? Do I need to foot moisturize daily? But what if I don't wanna? Theres so much Netflix that needs watching... Do it in front of the Netflix you say? But where's the buttered popcorn going to go then!? Hehe

5. Insurance Companies pretending they're there for YOUR Good... Mhmmm... I believe you Mia; Thousands wouldn't. And when did they all start sounding like Fintain out of a Ross O'Carroll - Kelly novel!? Bizarre as well as traumatic.

6. Products Claiming Shit they CAN'T Deliver... Don't get my hopes up and then dash them! Who do you think you are toying with my emotions like that? Also, the products claiming to be ALL NATURAL and they have a GAZILLION chemicals in them!! Not Cool!! Not Cool at all!!

7. Hidden Costs... And in general the cost of decent stuff. Why is everything so expensive; It's all about profit and it sucks!!! Value for money seems to be a dead and gone thing. I'm bringing Thrifty Back! ;)

8. The New Car Reg's... What on earth are they going to look like in 2020? 202 D 202... That just a whole new level of ridiculous looking crap people can be sold to keep up with the Jones' or the Kardashians or the Smiths...What ever you do; DO NOT try to make your life better WITHOUT materialistic stuff.

9. People who think I'm Rude... I swear a little more than the average human but I am from Wexford... and a Farmer... I think those are two heavily deciding factors. Also there is a huge different between an honest/blunt person and a hurtful/rude human. Honesty is the best policy but make sure they person you are being honest with understands you wish to help them improve not tear them down.

10. People who ARE plain RUDE!... This is the Hum Dinger of Battlegrounds... I could literally destroy you... I'm a McDonald; I've had 28 years of intensive training on how to break you down with the articulate observations you don't think anyone can see in your "perfect life" persona... Try me... Like Seriously... TRY ME! JUST BE FUCKING NICE TO PEOPLE - *Disclaimer: Not Rocket Science.

So there you have it... the Shit that pissing me off this month. I hope you enjoyed, related, screamed ME TOO at the phone or laptop and really understand that this rant is vital to dismiss the perfect day myth. I don't have perfect days, I just remember who I am and it makes me happy to carry on living in this ridiculous pain in the butt world.

Until next week,

Love & Light,

Liz xxx

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