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Beauty on the Inside - 10 Ways to Find your Inner Beauty and Love It!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Happy New Year! Here's to a fabulous 2017 filled with good fortune, joy and inner peace for you all!

As we all feel the stress of making and breaking resolutions, I began to mull over the pressure we all seem to put on ourselves to become "a better person this year". Whether it is skinnier, more educated, more traveled, or fitter, every year we all seem to start with false hope in a negative manner. Setting ourselves up to fail and subsequently feeling worse than we did two days after Christmas when you're half way down a tin of roses, with your jeans button loosened and contemplating what you did with your life this year.

Well I've got a bit of news for you, it's a revelation and I hope you're prepared for it;


Imagine that!? You don't need to change or attempt to overhaul yourself in any way, you just need to be you.

By this time I bet I have you pretty intrigued, right? Well just bear with me and it will all become clear, I promise.

While other bloggers spend the first days of the New Year promoting quick fix weight loss teas and Drop a Dress Size Challenges, there are some of us who are sticking to our own guns and being true to ourselves.

Why? One very simple reason... I quite like who I am and have no desire to change it. Improve on it, perhaps, but I won't think the year has been worthless if I'm not a size 8 by June. Radical? I know!

If you would like to be a rebel with me, please keep reading for my 10 ways to find your inner beauty and love it!

1. Do not be afraid to like yourself!

We are constantly told to change, improve, conform to what everyone else looks like, talks like, even eats like. While sometimes these are a natural progression for ourselves; choosing healthier options or becoming more confident and daring, other times it is due to an insecurity within us to fit in and achieve a standard that we do not presently consider ourselves to posses.

However, the majority of us are not completely content in our own skin and until you accept yourself for the person you are, warts, flaws and all, you will be continuously searching to find yourself in a never ending quick sand of fast fixes.

We have been somewhat conditioned to talk ourselves down, laugh at ourselves and be our own worst critic.What if, you were your own best cheerleader instead? For the majority of consistently successful people you will find that they not only quite like themselves but all really believe in themselves.

Try it! Trust me, you won't regret it.

2. Be IN the Moment.

We are surrounded by the people we love, a planet that gives us life and experiences that shape us no matter where we end up in life. As Tom Thibodeau put it; "You're a sum of all your experiences". Now, wouldn't it then make sense that for us to get the absolute most from every experience that we should make a conscious effort to be completely present and in the moment during these times? Of course; but are we? Not always.

Therefore, I put it to you that you just need to take a few seconds several times per day to centre yourself into each situation you find yourself.

Whether this is silently walking to the bus stop or to work, refrain from being "constantly plugged in", give yourself space to notice the smells, the crispness in the air, the people around you and the sensations any of these bring you in that moment. Then remind yourself just how lucky you are to be in this moment and how there are so many others less fortunate than you that would trade places in a heart beat.

3. Spend Time Alone in your own Company.

Spending time by yourself, in peace and quiet, enjoying the tranquility solitude provides is very important for the human body. Sometimes we fear being alone and get so used to making sure we are never lonely that we don't truly allow ourselves to get to know our own person.

Have some chill time, by yourself, reading a book, watching a movie, listening to some gentle music, baking or drawing. Do something that brings you joy and gives you solitude for some length of time. Be in the moment and enjoy your own company, you aren't so bad to be around after all.

4. Day Dream and Meditate wherever Possible.

Walk, swim, float, or simply light a candle and sit in stillness contemplating your thoughts and letting your mind wander. Day dreaming and meditating are great tools to get the creative juices flowing and thus bringing added joy and fulfillment to your life.

Set a timer, write a list of all the things you are worried about forgetting and then just sit in stillness and allow your mind to wander freely for 15 minutes everyday. You will find it does you the world of good.

Sometimes it can subconsciously heal situations and bring you new answers or perspectives on issues you may have previously hit a brick wall with.

5. Use your Fancy Stuff - Stop Waiting!

Treat yourself, stop waiting for that special occasion to use the expensive bath bombs; its Wednesday! Go for it! Paint your toenails with the fancy nail polish even if no one sees them, you'll know they look and feel good, resulting in you having an altogether better attitude and outlook on the day. You are worth it, Everyday! You're the only one holding you back.

If a thief broke into your house tonight and stole all the fancy creams, potions, lotions and soaps you were "keeping for a special occasion", wouldn't you be kicking yourself that you didn't use them up before they were gone?

So light the beautiful decorative candle and enjoy it, savour its fragrance and let its fanciness wash over you! Wonder and dream no more, live your life, drink the wine and light that candle! You're welcome!

6. Drink Water.

As I'm sure you are aware, our bodies are made up of 70% water, in order to feel better, healthier and more beautiful from the inside out, drinking 2-3 litres of still water daily can improve everything from liver and kidney function to energy levels and the appearance of our skin. And lets face it, it a lot easier to feel beautiful when we are living in a clean healthy body.

If plain water is not your thing, take a leaf out of blogger and candle afficianado James Alan Kavanagh's book and add cucumber to your water or any other type of fruit, veg or flavouring you like (within reason - loading it with half a bottle of sugary fruit squash is doing nobody any favours!).

Bottom Line; Drink it, You'll feel better.

7. Take a Compliment.

What happens when you do not accept a compliment? The person giving it feels rejected, they may try again but eventually they will give up. Then you will complain that nobody gives you any compliments!

Do yourself a favour, cop on, get a life and say thank you very much with a happy smile every time you receive a compliment. Then remind yourself how lucky you are that someone has gone out of their way to give you a compliment in the first place!

Exactly! You know it makes sense. Accept compliments graciously and take them at face value, then carry on with your life, whether they were sincere or not is irrelevant. If they weren't; you need to find a better caliber of friend. If they were; then give a true heartfelt compliment back in return.

Watch your confidence and happiness soar!

8. Be grateful Always!

You stubbed your toe, yes its sore, yes you can feel it all the way to the top of your neck, now acknowledge that you are grateful to have toes and nerves that work to carry that pain to the top of your neck; there are people that long to feel that pain again whom never will.

You are never the worst off, be grateful for everything, appreciate everyone and realize that it is your privilege not your right to walk this earth. Many people would be very grateful to be in your place, at this very moment in time because we are always more fortunate than someone else. Being grateful and acknowledging this is how we gain perspective on our existence.

9. Take care of your skin.

There are countless natural recipes for ways to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, if you are stuck; just check out my youtube channel where you'll find simple to the point, easy to follow video guides on making your own homemade skin care products.

You need to take care of your skin on the outside as well as the rest of your body on the inside. Your skin is not only your largest organ in the body but the first thing a person sees when they look at you. You don't need to have the most expensive products on the market as long as they work.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize every day, making sure to exfoliate the skin at least once per week and lash on a nice body butter or lotion to pamper yourself and feel good.

Help yourself to have beautiful skin to match the wonderful glow on the inside!

10. Give something without expecting anything in return.

Finally, a wonderful way to show and learn to see not only your own inner beauty but other peoples inner beauty is by giving something without expecting anything in return. Whether this is making a flask of tea and sandwiches and bringing them down the road to a homeless person you saw begging earlier or gifting a beautiful bunch of flowers to a neighbor or friend just because its a Saturday.

When we give without needing anything in return, not only does it humble us and test our inner core but it also gives hope to another that good people still exist and that it is possible for love and kindness to conquer all negative situations.

Warning: Be aware that not everyone is capable of receiving abundance or even a sandwich, do not get angry or feel rejected (it is not your journey, it is theirs), if the person rejects your gift, tell them that you have given it to them and they may do whatever the want with it, suggest gently that if they themselves are not ready to receive this that they should choose a friend of their that would appreciate it, it i now their gift to give. You will often find this makes the person think and they will always find someone they feel deserving of it.

If you think that this blog post would be helpful to someone close to you or you found it funny, accurate or helpful; please support me by sharing my website on social media, I would be delighted.

Until Next Week,

Light, Love, Live,

Liz xxx

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